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MissingRead by Amy
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Sue Lee Mystery, Arriving Soon!


I had an exciting inspiration to create a collection of short stories featuring the cherished Sue Lee characters. The inaugural tale showcases Granny Kate and her granddaughter Hermione Guthrie. Both esteemed retired British Intelligence Agents.

Prepare yourself for an adventure along the enchanting river Seine with Kate and Hermione. As they navigate a complex maze of enigmas and deceit, they find themselves in a race against time to solve a series of puzzles before another heinous crime takes place. Join them on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, danger, and the quest for truth.

D.M. Sorlie

River Seine Paris

In the bustling streets of Paris in 1954, a mysterious package arrives at Kate and Hermione Guthrie’s houseboat. It is a stunning Fabergé egg! A relic of the Russian Romanov Dynasty. 
With their past experiences as operatives for British intelligence, Hermione and Kate understand the gravity of the situation. Colette is missing and connected to the egg. 
As they race against time to find Colette and unravel the mysteries surrounding the missing Fabergé eggs, they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

In “Missing, Paris 1954,” join Kate and Hermione on a thrilling adventure through the streets of Paris as they navigate the river Seine through a treacherous world of spies, art thieves, and hidden agendas. Will they outsmart their adversaries and uncover the truth behind the missing Fabergé eggs? Or will they become pawns in a deadly game that could change the course of history?

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